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Benefitting Central Texas Food Bank

Ty & Sara Burk

True Bird

Hello! We’re Ty and Sara Burk, owners/farmers of True Bird. In 2015, we started raising a small backyard flock of Dorking chickens. Little did we know that this hobby would soon grow into a business! Through the interest of local chefs and support from our community, we began working to bring truly pastured poultry to the market.

We raise chickens with a 7-8 week grow out time. They forage on rangeland with Non-GMO Project verified feed, sunshine, and fresh air right here in the heart of Texas. The diversity of diet leads to a variety of high quality nutrients in the meat. With exceptional feed and longer grow out times, we offer craft chickens with exceptional taste! As Maryn McKenna says, “A chicken worth eating tastes like a chicken that had a life worth living.” We are passionate about sustainable and regenerative agriculture, caring for our livestock and the soil beneath their feet.