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Benefitting Central Texas Food Bank

Robert Hooper & Suzette Kelly

Central Texas Lamb

Central Texas Lamb is the pride of Paradise Valley Ranch, a stunning expanse that started as a 120-acre retreat in Coryell County. Originally a sanctuary from the fast-paced world of a Houston Oil and Gas career, Paradise Valley Ranch has since blossomed into a sprawling operation spanning several hundred acres. Specializing in Regenerative Ranching and Rotational Grazing, the ranch nurtures Dorper sheep and Spanish goats, whose complementary grazing and browsing habits have revitalized the soil and fostered the growth of diverse Texas Native Grasses and Forbs. This harmonious relationship between the animals and the land has created an ideal environment for our sheep and goat herds to thrive. Our unique terroir yields fast-maturing lamb with superior conformation and exceptional fat distribution, resulting in a deliciously mild flavor. Central Texas Lamb takes pride in offering this exceptional product to discerning restaurants and specialty meat markets across the Texas Triangle.