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Benefitting Central Texas Food Bank

Erin Gomez & Allen Li

Solana Farms

Solana Farms, based in Austin, is a one-acre regenerative urban farm rooted in permaculture principles. Erin Gomez, a trained chef, and Allen Li, a software engineer, became farm partners after realizing their shared passion for making affordable nutritionally dense, delicious produce available to the Austin community. Gomez and Li prioritize sustainability and soil health in all of their farming practices by contouring the land to maximize the usage of precious rainwater through swales, berms, and rainwater collection systems. Their soil is rejuvenated with organic materials from local mushroom producers, landscaping companies, their residential composting service, and their resident flocks of poultry. We hope that Solana Farms can play a part in rekindling people’s passion for local, sustainably grown foods, and most importantly, making that produce accessible to all.