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Austin, Texas

Nick Belloni

Nick Belloni

Trill Foods

Starting a taco truck in a town known for an abundance of awesome tacos might sound like a recipe for blending in. But even in a crowded field of stiff competition, Trill Taqueria made an impression on Austin taco-lovers seeking an inventive twist on the typical, serving up amazing flavors and unique combinations using the best seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

After a pandemic-caused hiatus led to journeys both literal and metaphorical, chef/owner Nick Belloni is back in Austin and changing his game up, switching out tacos for elevated but playful versions of dishes from his Louisiana roots. Fried chicken, BBQ shrimp rolls, natchitoches, and creamed spinach are starting the menu out, but new experiments surely aren’t far behind. Don’t worry, Nick still keeps a bottle of his homemade hot sauce out front, so come n’ get some!