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Austin, Texas

Krystal Craig


Chocolatier/Pastry Chef Krystal Craig & Chef Ian Thurwachter are local Austinites and co-owners of Intero Restaurant. Each self-taught in their specialties, the duo built their careers working for a number of the City’s top establishments. Seeking to share their mutual admiration of Italian cuisine, naturally paired with promoting their belief in sustainability, the duo combined their experience in savory and sweet to found Intero restaurant together in 2018.

Native Austinite Krystal Craig is the Managing Co-Owner & Chocolatier/Pastry Chef of Intero Restaurant. As a self-taught chocolatier, Krystal co-founded a first dessert company at 21 yrs of age that focused on small batch, handcrafted artisan chocolates from sustainably sourced ingredients. After years of producing creations for a multitude of Austin’s top establishments, she worked in carrying her practice on to open Intero in 2018 with Chef Ian Thurwachter. Driving her entrepreneurial and artistic spirit, Krystal attributes the foundation of her work to influences of growing up in and around the local food scene along with an inspirational trip to Italy, and her personal affinity of chocolate.

Intero exclusively feature local meats and produce from ranches and farms across texas. Our menu continually changes, both seasonally based on available ingredients, and due to the varying yields of protein cuts we procure moving through a whole animal we butcher in-house. Creativity in using every part of an ingredient is what drives us.

By supporting local producers, we reinvest in the local economy.  We know we’re making an impact because we see the farmers and ranchers we work with continue to grow and prosper. Additionally we do our best to promote who we work with, why, and the importance of that to our guests. We hope through continued support from Intero and restaurants like us, local farms and ranches will become more commonplace and sought after by everyone to purchase from.