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Austin, Texas

Travis Breihan


Meet Travis Breihan, who leads both Smallhold mushroom farms in Austin and Buda! Smallhold is an organic mushroom farm growing speciality varieties like Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster, Royal Trumpet, and more. Everything we grow is USDA Certified Organic and insanely fresh because we grow right down the road.

Travis joined Smallhold on a mission to help bring cutting edge food systems and the celebration of all things fungi to his hometown of Austin, TX. After working BOH to open globally inspired restaurants like Loro and Oseyo and helping build Austin’s own fair-trade fashion brand, Teysha, he wanted to get down to the basics and find ways to help Austin to foster a more robust local food community and ecosystem. You can find him at the Smallhold farms looking for excuses to make family meal for the team or out and about courting Texans to make mushrooms a bigger part of our culinary tradition. He believes Lion’s Mane BBQ is an inevitable evolution of our state’s mightiest culinary tradition. Pit masters encouraged to apply. The future is fungi!

“We’re dedicated to doing better for the planet by helping to fix our nation’s broken food system. To do this, we have built a network of USDA Certified Organic farms that reduce the distance food must travel to reach its destination. In addition, our circular model repurposes waste from other industries and 100% of our spent substrate is either donated or composted! Our growing process is one of the most unique stories in agriculture, requiring a fraction of the water, CO2 emissions, and energy usage compared to other foods.”