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Austin, Texas

Saturday, September 10

Ploughman’s Picnic

Peeler Farm

Hosted at Peeler Farm, we will take an excursion out to Floresville, Texas to bring Field Guide guests back to the land.

Farm ranchers will welcome guests with a hayride to the Peeler Farm pasture where we’ll spend the evening surrounded by the family‚Äôs large herds of humanely raised cattle and sheep as they graze on green and golden pastures.

With a cold beverage in hand, guests will lay their Field Guide blankets down and meet the local makers and producers whose products will fill their ploughman’s picnic baskets. Makers including cured meats, jams, honey, bread, plus a main course from Peeler Farm cooked over Mill Scale smokers and open fire grills. The third-course will be ice cream from the farm’s own water buffalo, created by Oro Bianco, plus a dairy free frozen dessert option from Oatly.

Guests will end the night with a concert while the sun sets over the Texas countryside. Complemented, of course with wine, beer and NA drink pairings.