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Austin, Texas

Saturday, September 10

Ploughman’s Picnic

Peeler Farm

Hosted at Peeler Farm, we will journey out to Floresville, Texas to bring Field Guide guests back to the land.

Peeler Farm cowboys will welcome guests with a hayride to the pasture where we’ll spend the evening surrounded by the family’s large herds of humanely raised cattle, sheep, and baby water buffalo as they graze on green and golden pastures.

The three-course dinner will kick off with a ploughman’s plate – a locally crafted charcuterie board, including jam, cheeses, bread, pecan bars, mushrooms and more! For the main course guests will be served meat raised by Peeler Farm cooked over Mill Scale smokers and open fire grills alongside delicious side dishes, made by Chef Jorge Hernandez of San Antonio’s Hotel Emma. The picnic will conclude with ice cream desserts using Oro Bianco ice cream, made from the milk of water buffalos raised on Peeler Farm.

Local makers from the dinners ploughman’s plate will be at the event, available for guests to purchase additional favorite items from the picnic.

Drink options will be plenty! Attendees will receive a welcome drink to start the night while mingling with with local makers. During the three-course dinner service, drinks from Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Still Austin, Spiritless, Desert Door, Calidad, Rambler and more will all be available at interactive drink stations.

Guests will end the night watching the sunset over the Texas countryside as we enjoy a performance by local musician Scott Ballew.

Two seating options are available for the night.

Picnic blanket for two! ($200 for two) Includes a blanket to sit on the grass, three course picnic meal, spirit + NA beverages, and the concert. Please note: the menu selection of Meat or Vegan will be for both guests.

Picnic table seating! ($125 for one)  Includes a seat at a communal table for the evening, three course picnic meal, spirit + NA beverages, and the concert. Please note: each seat may select Meat or Vegan menu.

Three-course Menu:

1st Course – Local Makers Picnic Basket

  • Pure Luck June’s Joy Goat Cheese
  • Cured San Antonio Charcuterie // Mushroom Jerky (vegan)
  • dō Bakery Herbed Focaccia
  • Confituras Little Kitchen Texas Peach Jam
  • Comedor Candied Pecans

2nd Course – Yucateco-style Peeler Farms Lamb, Prepared by Executive Chef Jorge Luis Hernandez of the Hotel Emma and Chef Philip Speer of Comedor

  • Recado Negro Peeler Farms Lamb
  • Arroz de Setas (Yucatan Paella style rice) with Smallhold Mushrooms, served with Heirloom Masa Tortillas, Xni-Pec, and Habanero Salsa

Dessert Menu – Oro Bianco Buffalo Milk Gelato Sundae

  • Oro Bianco Italian Creamery Creme Caramel and Sea Salt Gelato
  • Force Of Nature Bacon + Maple Crumble
  • Abby Jane and Barton Springs Mill Pecan Bar

Vegan Dessert Menu – Oatly Salted Caramel Mushroom Sundae

  • Oatly Dairy Free Salted Caramel Frozen Dessert
  • Mushroom Jerky + Maple Pecan Crumble