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Austin, Texas

Friday, May 6

Land To Larder

Rain Lily Farm
Sold Out

Join us for a spring dinner on the farm with a whole new cast of farmers, foragers, chefs, and beverage makers!

The menu will highlight local chef and farmer dish collaborations focusing on wild foods found in Central Texas.

Ticket price includes all food & beverages.

What To Expect

– A four-course meal with the option of plant-based or meat-based menu. Menu below

– Beverage pairings for each course, with your choice of wine + cocktails OR alcohol-free drinks.

– A night on the farm under the Texas sky, co-existing with the natural elements (wear bug-spray)

A thoughtful + well-sourced list of ingredients from local purveyors.

Live fire outdoor cooking.

Story-telling by those who made the dinner possible.

Meat- Based Menu

Bread and Butter, Chef Camila Velez-DŌ Fresh Bakery

Barton Springs Mill Focaccia with Smallhold Mushroom Compound Butter

Course 1, Chef Shannon Kennedy- Uchi

Heritage Seafood Gulf Snapper Crudo, Smallhold Mushrooms, Steelbow Radish, Shiro Dashizu, Fennel Mint Oil, Local Leaf Bee Balm

Course 2, Chef Christina Currier – Comedor

Grilled Tlayuda with Force of Nature Wild boar Chorizo, Oaxcan Quesillo, Heirloom Black Beans, Steelbow Spring Onion, Trosi Farm Radish Rain Lily Herbs

Course 3, Chef Jam Sanichat- Thai Fresh

Force of Nature Bison Panang Curry with Coconut Pandan Rice, Steelbow White Kohlrabi, Maitake Mushroom, Baby fennel and Rain Lily Borage Blossom

Course 4, Chef Kelly Dugan-Little Trouble

Barton Springs Mill Sonoran Wheat Shortcake, Lightly Smoked Wild Foraged Mulberries, Verjus pickled Trosi Farms Mustang Grapes, Wood Sorrel Cream

About Rain Lily Farm

Founded in 2003 by Kim Beal and Stephanie Scherzer, Rain Lily Farm is situated just five minutes east of downtown Austin. Rain Lily is currently the host for Urban American Farmer’s Farm School that guides 10 local restaurants through the process of growing their own food, from the seed in the soil, cultivation, growth, all the way through harvest.